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Cru Meets Brew

Thursday - October 16, 2014

Guitarist, mandolinist and multi-instrumentalist John Ehlis is a local composer and bandleader who creates a blend of music beyond any single category.

Ehlis takes an “organic” approach to making music, yielding “one of a kind” performances which truly engage the listener. In addition, he is well versed in the nuances of playing in a variety of settings, whether as a soloist or sideman. 

He has performed with acclaimed artists Oliver Lake, John Tchicai, Joseph Jarman, Karl Berger and Glen Velez; as well as with many emerging artists including vocalist Olivia Foschi, Finnish saxophonist Mikko Innanen and Italian violinist Eloisa Manera. 

The Grand Tasting

Saturday - June 1,2013

The exclusive VIP / Prelude Hour, from 6 pm - 7 pm, will feature the Jazz House Kids Quartet

And evening of music by 3rdValve Jazz will begin at 8 pm.

The Gala Dinner

Sunday - June 2, 2013

An intimate Jazz House Kids ensemble will play from 6 pm - 7 pm.

Jazz House Kids Big Band will play from 7:15 pm until  approximately  9:00 pm